Season 1 Episode 7

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Season 1 Episode 7

Post by Yvonne on Fri Oct 29, 2010 5:08 pm

Opening Credits: Greek Buck - Spunk

H-Block - Punk Police - Justin & Daphne in Tattoo parlor
Jersey - Class War - Justin gets pierced

Steve Yanko - Gemini - David & Michael in Liberty Diner

Novy - I Rock - Michael gets relationship warning at Woody's

H2SO4 - Little Soul - Craig in Justin's room / Brian & Justin having sex in loft

Alex Gopher- Party People (107, 117) - Studs 'N Suds

Mick Maher - Lost Dawg - Brian in Jeep

Bettina - Sexy - Michael & David see Brian dancing

Antiloop - Start Rockin - David dancing with Brian

Luna Chique - Liquid Space - David tells Brian to let Michael go / end credits

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