Season 1 Episode 1

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Season 1 Episode 1

Post by Yvonne on Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:27 pm

Episode 1

About the making of the show

The producers put such a lot of work into the pilot. You can so see that they want to make it perfect in every possible way. And boy, they did such a great job...

They were scared... afraid for violence.. .afraid for reprecussions... but they did it anyway... They went all the way... They wanna set a presedent... but all the way be truthful and integrity

"The casts needs to share not only their sexuality but their talent..that's how far an actor gay or straight is willing to go" - Lipman and Cowen

"There are a lot of people who never took a shot to play this part - For me i was very fortuned to work with Randy because he is very easy to work with" - Gale Harold

"I knew i want to do it.. that's pretty much all i care about" - Randy Harrison

Justins Entrance
"Great moment is the coming of Justin. Its more a soda commercial.. but its indicative of what he is to Brian..
This kind of farsicly beautiful object of desire" - hal sparks

About the sex scenes
"The sex scene unbelievable that this was set on a tv show" -

"The fact that it was their first sex scene makes it so real because they don't know each other so that gives it a fright awkwardness...and you see that fits perfectly" - Randy Harrison

"We both were committed to making that scene as believable as possible" - Gale Harold
"We were kind of shocked" - Randy Harrison

there were only a few people on a close set
The scene in the beginning when Justin puts the condom on Brian dick is fake..its not his dick...

About the roof scene
"The roof scene is real.. no blue screen... We were standing on the roof 8 stories above the ground in Toronto"
- Hal Sparks
"I was glad that i was driving sort of speak" - Gale Harold

About theirs characters
"Justin = by no mean a boy in a mans world .. its a man in a boys body "- Hal Sparks
"Justin = not ashamed.. he goes on Brian so pridessly" - Randy Harrison
"Brian is created as a extreme version of a more general state of mind" - Gale Harold
"Justin was not were of the fact that Brian was so messed up at that time" (after the hospital scene ) - Randy Harrison

About bringing Justin to school
"The bringing of Justin to school is more a test
Its like you wanna be with me.. here is the fagot-mobile pulling up in front" - Lipman and Cowen
"its Justin's coming out at school" - Randy Harrison
"Brian has no intentions of falling into a relationship at all .. specially not with him" - Gale Harold

What have you done today to make you feel proud?
It's never too late to try!!!!


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