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Post by Yvonne on Wed Jan 26, 2011 7:38 pm

Costa! is a 2001 Dutch film from BNN. It was the first movie that used several famous Dutch soap stars. Other movies that used soap actors, were Volle maan and Honeyz.

The movie is popular in the gay scene and is a huge cult film.... Its full of Eurovision songs and with a hot kiss between two girls, one is Frida played by Katja Schuurman ( one of the dutch hottest actresses. and there was a lot of comotion on it) after the movies a tv show was started.. 4 seasons...
You can find the movie with english subtitles on YT, parts from the tvshow also.

At 8.25 starts the hot kiss.. before the kiss the final dance between Janet and Rens

source: wikipedia@

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