Alles Was Zählt (Roman & Deniz)

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Alles Was Zählt (Roman & Deniz)

Post by Yvonne on Sun Dec 12, 2010 1:36 pm

Alles Was Zählt (All That Matters) is a German television soap opera first broadcast on RTL on September 4, 2006 It is the third daily soap on that channel, created after Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten and Unter Uns. While the show is set in Essen, filming takes place in Cologne.

The original plot
revolved around Diana Sommer's dream to become a world class ice skater. She fell in love with Julian Herzog, who signed her at the prestigious Steinkamp Sport and Wellness Center, run by the unscrupulous Steinkamp dynasty. Diana and Julian eventually became a couple, but in November 2007, Julian suffered a brain hemorrhage and died during their wedding. Diana remained in Essen until January 2009, when she left to join a skating centre in Halle. The story continues to revolve around the Steinkamp Sport and Wellness Centre and its quest to become a sporting powerhouse, as well as the lives of the characters who work at and around the Centre.

Roman is one of the ice skaters. He is played by out gay actor Dennis Grabosch. He starts out as closeted but then has a quickier affair with ballet coach Andrew.His friend Annette sees him with Andrew and since then Roman is out.

The Deniz and Roman story starts when Deniz, the 17 year old son of turkish bar owner Marian comes to town because he has beenhaving trouble at school. Roman is immediately smitten with him. Deniz befriends the teenset of the soap.

Deniz is part of the ice hockey team and gets teased by some homophobic team members. He tries to hook up with fellow teen Nina who has a crush on him and even joins in at some of homophobic slurs against Roman. Despite raging against Roman Deniz begins to notice that he is getting erections around Roman's hot bod. Roman notices too.

Deniz even begins dreaming about Roman. Meanwhile Roman gets gaybashed by the evil ice hockey jocks. Deniz runs in on the situatio, freaks out, turns around and runs away. Roman is heavily injured, Deniz is wreaked with guilt and horror, Roman finds Deniz crying in the shower and asks him if he is gay.

For his closeness with Roman Deniz gets targetted too. Roman fixes up his injury. Deniz apologizes for not having helped Roman when Roman was gaybashed. Around this time they become a couple and Deniz is there for Roman when Roman angst about this injury might be the end his career.

We enter a short blissfull time where they are a couple. Deniz even tells his story about how the reason he had to move out with his mom and got in trouble in school was because people thought he was gay and he got into fights. He even admits to Roman and to himself that he knew before that he liked being touched by guys.
They are caught in the act by Deniz father and Deniz fiercely defends his love for Roman. After a while even Deniz father comes around grudginly:

Roman and Deniz start to quarrel. Deniz hangs around his galpal Vanessa. Deniz and Vanessa begin to make out and Deniz claims he loves her. Vanessa demands that he tell Roman the truth. Roman notices that Deniz begins to pull away from him. Through some misunderstanding Vanessa thinks that Deniz has already told Roman about her and sleeps with him. Deniz keeps up the lie and his whole tagteaming is found out when he accidentally sends an invitation for pool sex to both his lovers and Roman catches Deniz and Vanessa in the pool.

Because of some killer virus Deniz, Roman and Vanessa get trapped in a locker room together. An argument starts and Roman tells Vanessa the truth, that Deniz kissed him and that Deniz lied when he told Vanessa that it was Roman who kissed him. Vanessa lashes out at Deniz who still claims that she is the only one he wants to be with (yeah, right). After this event she refuses to speak with him and decides to leave town for a week.
Deniz apparently parties with Roman. Deniz fears that the company he works for might be going under and that he will lose his modelling job. Deniz snorts coke that is offered to him.
Roman comes in after the fact and preaches to Deniz about the dangers of cocaine. Deniz kisses him and so gets Roman to agree to come along and party with Deniz and the models which leads to more kissing. The party is broken up by Roman's roomate who are completely horrified when they find the party including people who snort lines off the picture of Diana's dead husband.

From the show is a movie made by fans.. great.. and gives a great idea of the show...
Trailer "Eishelden", a Filmversion of the love story between Roman und Deniz from "Alles was zählt"!

source: wikipedia@, imdb

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